ABDIMU: Jurnal Pengabdian Muhammadiyah

The Muhammadiyah Community Service Journal published by the Institute for research, publishing, community service and community development, Universitas Muhammadiyah Aceh (UNMUHA). This journal is a peer-reviewed journal that discusses about various disciplines adopted in community service and research activities also other application. The articles published include the original scientific research, scientific review articles, comments or criticisms. ABDIMU accepts manuscripts or articles in the field of applied research and down streaming the results of community-based quantitative and qualitative scientific research into community service format which cover some relevant scientific fields, Such as:

  1. Social
  2. Education
  3. Science
  4. Law
  5. Language
  6. Business and Economic
  7. Engineering
  8. Psychology
  9. Vocational

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Vol 1, No 1, Juni (2021)

ABDIMU: Jurnal Pengabdian Muhammadiyah

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Riza Septiani, Aulina Adamy, Ramadhaniah Ramadhaniah
Nazariah Nazariah, Muhammad Yani, Nadila Karina
Meutia Zahara, Nazariah Nazariah, Muhammad Yani, Restu Andrian
Syarifah Farissi Hamama, Maulida Maulida, Syarifah Fadiya Hallaby
Samsul Bahri, Eri Saputra, Asmaul Husna